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How do I become an ActionCOACH Business Coach?

Are you a passionate and experienced Business Executive looking for your next for the next step in your career? Or a successful Business Owner, who is interested in mentoring and coaching other Business Owners, helping them to prosper in business despite toughened market conditions?

ActionCOACH Caribbean is currently seeking Leaders in Business, who are looking to inspire, motivate and educate the future stars in business.

As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, you will need to have a drive to succeed in business, and the corporate knowledge to support your career decision. But more importantly, you will need to have a passion for guiding, motivating and educating other Business Owners and Executives; their success will be a true reflection of your success.

At ActionCOACH, our Business Coaching training courses are designed to educate you on creating a healthy business model, as well as providing you with the tools to analyse, correct and improve upon all types of existing business models, from SME's to Large International Corporations. By studying with ActionCOACH, you will qualify as a Business Coach, gaining the knowledge and skills not only to assist others as a Business and Executive Coach, but with the tools and resources to establish your own ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise.


There are 3 opportunities to join our growing team in the Caribbean ...

A Practice is a "single coach" business model that offers both a solid business and a great lifestyle with a low overhead. You can work from home or an office and serve business owners and corporations in your area. It provides an opportunity for those with a strong business background to directly transfer the skills amplified by the ActionCOACH Tools and Systems. Practice opportunities are available on most islands except in the Windward Islands, jamaica and in the Dutch Caribbean. Total investment starts from USD 12,500.

FIRMS are still available in all countries exept for the Dutch Caribbean (Aruba, Bonaire, Curacao, St. Maarten, Saba & St. Eustatius) and the the Windward Islands (Dominica, Barbados, St. Lucia, St. Vincent & Grenadines and Grenada) and Jamaica. A Firm can recruit unlimited number of coaches and grow ActionCOACH in a protected area. Generally, the Firm Owner will offer the full menu of all our Coaching & Training Services to business owners and Corporate Executives and lead a team of Business Coaches.

We are looking for top professionals to join our firms in Dutch Caribbean, Windward Islands and jamaica

How to get started?

Apply directly and submit your application form at We will be in contact with you shortly. A copy of your application form will be forwarded to your email for your records.
Or send your resume and motivation directly to 
Or call us directly at 599 95271470 (mobile) or 599 97370956 (office) or Skype us at jlieakwie.

So, who is ActionCOACH?

Emerging as an overnight success in 1993, founder of ActionCOACH, Brad Sugars, addressed the education needs of small to medium sized enterprises throughout Australia and New Zealand. Through Brad’s seminars and workshops, business owners in these markets, for the first time, had access to hundreds of amazingly powerful, yet simple and cost effective sales, marketing and team building strategies, designed to transform their businesses and their lives.

Since that time, over 500,000 people have attended the ever popular ActionCOACH seminars. More importantly, over 4,000 business owners globally have discovered that engaging an ActionCOACH Business Coach was the smartest decision they have ever made.

Since launching into the international franchise market in 1997, ActionCOACH Business Coach Franchises now operate across 30+ countries. As an active member of the International Franchise Association, ActionCOACH is recognised globally for the strength of its business model as well as the dynamic growth of its business. ActionCOACH is currently rated as the #1 Business Consulting Service Franchise in the World by US-Based Entrepreneur magazine, in addition to being ranked in the Top 100 Franchises, Top 20 Home-based Franchises and Top 25 Fastest Growing Franchises.

What is Business Coaching?

Pioneers in the industry since the early 1990’s, ActionCOACH and Business Coaching have become synonymous with business performance and growth. Not to be confused with Life and Personal Coaching, Business Coaching offers a holistic approach to addressing the needs and knowledge gaps related to succeeding in business.

In such a time poor world, many SME owners and corporate executives struggle to keep abreast of technological and strategic innovation launches that when utilised will aid them in succeeding in business, and staying ahead of the competition.

By engaging an ActionCOACH Business Coach, you have a business partner and mentor that will be there to initially analyse the strengths and weaknesses of your business, and then to guide and mentor you through the implementation of change and strategy, which will bring forth business growth.

In effect, you will be hiring a Senior Business Executive that will advice you and guide you across all business matters including sales, marketing, systems, planning, team management and long-term business strategies.

As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, you will be responsible for taking your highly acclaimed business experience, adding it to the unique ActionCOACH copyrighted systems, and together through weekly communication, you will coach your clients and mentor them to personal and financial success.

What do I do and what do I sell as an ActionCOACH?

As an ActionCOACH, your role is to guide small to medium business owners all aspects of their business. You will be their mentor, confidant, coach and consultant, yet you don’t have to be an all-round guru to succeed.

The ActionCOACH systems are designed to achieve cost effective results for your clients. You will be trained to deliver everything from One-on-One to Group Coaching and Seminars. As an ActionCOACH you will be trained to create marketing and educational materials such as books, tapes and video programs. The marketing, sales, management, team building, and goal setting techniques that you guide your clients through as an ActionCOACH are the same tools that you will use to grow your own ActionCOACH business.

As an ActionCOACH, your average week will include; meeting prospective clients, coaching existing client, preparing and delivering seminars, conducting in-house training programs, critiquing your clients marketing pieces, performing Alignment Consultations or selling the ActionCOACH Planning Program.

Who should I become a Business Coach?

If you are passionate about business and life, then ask yourself this: Does the very thought of finding better and more efficient ways of improving a company's bottom line set your pulse racing? Are you the kind of person who is constantly striving to succeed? Do you always find yourself helping others? If this sounds like you, then read on.

Why should I buy a franchise to become a Business Coach?

By purchasing a Business Coaching Franchise, you are purchasing an opportunity that provides you with a solid platform for entrepreneurial freedom and growth. You will be purchasing a business model that is based on years of experience, proven systems and one that offers ongoing support and training. Instead of recreating the wheel you will be purchasing a profitable and fulfilling business model.

Why should I buy an ActionCOACH Franchise?

By investing in your own business, you are going to want to ensure that the business has every chance of success, right?

Educated business owners make the smart choice to purchase into a market leading franchise in a growing industry. They will purchase into a franchise model that will not only give them every chance of surviving the first few years in business, but one that maximises their opportunities to succeed through proven systems which will support them every step of the way.

By purchasing an ActionCOACH franchise, you will be joining the World’s #1 Business Coaching Team operating in 49 countries. By coming an integral member of the company that started and continues to revolutionise the Business Coaching Industry, you will have the essential resources that will ensure that your business excels from the word go.

How much do I need to invest up front?

The initial investment outlay for the ActionCOACH franchise will encompass everything you’ll need to set up and run your business. This includes a 5 or 10-day live-in educational training program; that will teach you how to utilise the ActionCOACH system and how to then translate these into services for your clients. The investment also includes a powerful library of educational videos, audiotapes, and books; that will educate you in the proven methodologies on how to be successful in life, business and as your own ActionCOACH franchisee.

In addition, like with all businesses, you will also need to have funds in reserve, which you are prepared to use if the need arises, to use as working capital for marketing, networking and general office expenses. We are happy to tell you more about the different investment options. Please fill in your details here 

What do I get for my money?

By investing in the ActionCOACH system, you are purchasing the Franchise rights to operate an ActionCOACH Business Coaching company; providing you with the complete ActionCOACH system covering sales, marketing and coaching. In addition, you will have your own personal success coach, to keep your business growth on track, a global support unit, and a large network of other coaches with whom to share ideas, success and experiences.

By purchasing an ActionCOACH franchise, you are purchasing proven turn-key systems that have taken more than 19 years to develop.

What training do I receive?

When purchasing an ActionCOACH Business Coaching Franchise, you will first complete a 4-week pre-training to prepare you for the 10-day live-in educational training program in Las Vegas; that will teach you how to utilise the ActionCOACH system and how to then translate these into services for your clients. In addition, you will be provided with all the tools and knowledge resources and you will learn how to use them..

What level of on-going training do I get?

The initial ActionCOACH 10-day training program is only the beginning of your journey as an ActionCOACH. As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, your learning journey is ongoing and stimulating, with reading, seminars, workshops, conferences and internet-based chat groups and forums all part of the process. As a Business Coach and Business Leader, it is your duty to continue to learn and remain ahead of market trends, the greater educated you are, the smarter your clients business decisions can be.

What level of support do I get?

ActionCOACH has a two-tiered administration and support system, providing franchisees with the best of both worlds. The ActionCOACH Head Office is responsible for the overall administration, direction, product development and marketing, while your Master Licensee will provide initial and ongoing support and guidance. Ensuring help and guidance is never too far away.

So, how do I make an income as an ActionCOACH?

As an ActionCOACH Business Coach, your main source of income will be derived through Mentoring Clients, who be paying you a monthly coaching fee. Seminars are just one of the lead generator tools that you will use to source clients. From each seminar, you will be consistently aiming for at least two Mentoring Clients, in addition to those that you convert from the other proven ActionCOACH prospecting techniques. Your monthly income will only be limited by your desired rate of growth. One thing's for sure; you'll be pleasantly surprised at the end of each month. Keep in mind; you also have the option to run your business from a home office, reducing your overheads and maximising your profits.

Do I need a Consulting or Coaching Background?

No, however, a strong business background is essential. If you have owned or managed a business before, or have a background in sales, then this is a great business opportunity for you. As a Business Coach, you will need a sound understanding of business principles, an entrepreneurial spirit, a driven forward thinking attitude; and a healthy dose of motivation won't go astray either! Be prepared to demonstrate to ActionCOACH the passion you have for helping others and the amount of drive you have to succeed in this business.

Who will be my target clients?

It's hard to think of a business that in some way would not benefit from the suite of ActionCOACH's products and services. The majority of business owners who are Owner/Operators look to introduce systems that can and will generate greater profit and growth, that will provide them with a great life work life balance; and that will produce better productivity from their team members.

Experience has shown that most start-up businesses don’t have the financial resources to afford the ActionCOACH coaching services or are still in the development and establishment phase of their business cycle. Typically, start-up businesses don’t normally fit our ideal business profile.

How will I get leads and sales?

As you would imagine, being an ActionCOACH Business Coach you will have all the latest lead generation and sales techniques at your disposal. From seminars, to local and national advertising and pr, as an ActionCOACH you will be using the full suite of the most powerful, tried-and-tested marketing tools available to develop your business. As ActionCOACH is a market leader, you will have access to the very latest thinking and resources, keeping Head Office and our Business Coaches ahead of the pack.

What are the keys to my success as an ActionCOACH Business Coach?

A successful ActionCOACH is results driven, motivated and willing to follow an established and proven system. Business Coaches who lead the field around the world not only run a highly profitable business and have exceptional client relationships; they also contribute to the growth and development of the franchise worldwide. Our surveys show franchisees succeed because of an eagerness to learn, a desire to help others, a willingness to work long hours to get the momentum going, good people and relationship building skills, sales ability or a willingness to learn and apply sales systems, solid self-discipline and family support, an ability to take direction when needed and to read when necessary, having money in reserve and being willing to invest it, a willingness to take risks and to ask for help, and being well organized and a good planner.

There are cases where ActionCOACH Franchisees have failed, common reasons for failure include not following the proven system, not committing enough time nor energy to the business, not committing enough financial resources to marketing or advertising opportunities, going ahead despite family opposition, spending money on the good things in life before they had earned it, not enjoying selling to other business people, not having the self-discipline to cope with the responsibility of owning a small business, and being under-funded and misleading the franchisor on the amount of funds available.

Will the ActionCOACH business work in my area?

The funny thing about business is that it doesn't matter whether you sell paperclips or airplanes, one thing you can almost count on is that pretty much every business owner you talk to (wherever they live) will want more customers, more revenues and more profit, the three things that they can't change, well not directly, anyway. And while every enterprise has a unique set of challenges, they all rely on customers, revenues and profits. And that's where your services will be in hot demand. So in a nutshell, yes, this system will work in your area, simply because most of the challenges Business Owners face are universal.

How many hours will I work as an ActionCOACH, and should I employ anyone?

Like with all new entrepreneurial ventures, the first 12 months in business will be the hardest, not only because of the amount of time and effort you will need to out it, but because the work and challenges that you will encounter will be different. The learning curve that our franchisees go through is steep. Being new at Business Coaching, you will experiment with the various ActionCOACH systems, discovering the strategies and procedures that will work for you, your business and your clients.

We recommend that when you have between 8 and 12 clients and that you hire a Personal Assistant so you can leverage your time more effectively. As you settle into your new business, you should be working around 2 hours per week per client with one hour spent coaching and the other doing behind the scenes preparation work.

When purchasing an ActionCOACH Franchise, what contracts do I have to sign?

You will be required to sign a full legally binding Franchise Agreement in line with local Franchise and Contract Laws. You can go through the Uniform Franchise Offering Circular with your advisors. Our obligations, the obligations of the Master Franchisee's and your obligations will be clearly laid out.

What is the term of the contract as an ActionCOACH Franchisee?

The usual term for an ActionCOACH Franchise Agreement is seven years. After this time, you will be eligible to renew for additional five year terms provided that you have conducted your franchise in compliance with the terms of the initial ActionCOACH agreement and that you comply with certain conditions, sign our updated form of Franchise Agreement, and pay a Renewal Fee.

As an ActionCOACH Franchisee, are there any business guarantees?

Truthfully, no. Your ActionCOACH Franchise is a business and the result it is up to you to create. ActionCOACH will never promise any specific results, nor will we guarantee that any of your goals will become a reality. You see, just like you're the coach to your clients, we're your coach and you're the player. It's up to you to take the field. We will push you, cajole you, help you, be there for you and even do some things with you, but at the end of the day you still need to do the work.

Only YOU can ever be truly accountable for your own success and at ActionCOACH we know this to be a fact. We guarantee to give you the best service we can; to answer your questions promptly and with the best available information. We also promise to keep you up to date with new improvements and constantly keep striving to make your ActionCOACH system better and more powerful. And we're committed to making you successful, whether you like it or not.

So, how do I express interest?

We are just as diligent as you are in wanting to make sure the ActionCOACH opportunity is the right fit for you. Showing your interest by learning more about us is only first step. The next is organizing a one-on-one interview with your Master Franchisee who will ask you to complete an application form and a referee's page before starting your Due Diligence. Several meetings with other coaches will follow as we both want to make sure you make a good decision based on relevant information. You can submit your application form at Apply directly and submit your application form at We will be in contact with you shortly. A copy of your application form will be forwarded to your email for your records.